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We are a leading event fundraising platform. Use Givematcher as a fundraising platform for your event.  Whether your event is a fun-run or another organised event, your participants can set up their own personalized fundraising page, select the charity they wish to support and have their friends donate online.  They will receive a tax receipt by email instantaneously.  They can have other people join their fundraising team and they can raise money from their friends.  The total amount raised for various charities is displayed on your own personalised event page

We charge no annual fees and rock-bottom commission: as low as 0% (plus the credit card fee). Our aim is to help charities raise more funds while saving $ Millions in online fundraising costs.

We need your help

It has come to our attention that many event organisers are signing exclusive deals with fundraising portals. If you are currently doing this, we would like to ask you not to. This practice is costing charities a lot of money in annual fees and hefty commission, and forcing them to subscribe to multiple portals (as they need to raise funds in many events), which is wasteful. This is particularly problematic for small and medium charities. As you know, choosing a fundraising portal is the right of charities and their supporters, and this should not be dictated by event organisers.

We would appreciate if you could include us as the Not-For-Profit option for your event participants to fundraise for charity. You can even name us as your preferred option if you want to play a part in lowering charities online fundraising costs, but we shall not sign any exclusive agreement. We’ll help your event raise more money for charity and let you know at any time exactly how much we have raised for your event.

You may also be interested to know that our unique built-in matching functionality gets more companies excited about fundraising (encouraging workplace fundraisers), which is a nice opportunity to attract more participants to your event.

We thank you.


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