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Givematcher: FREE Online Fundraising, maximum funds

With hundreds of charities using us, we’re a leading fundraising portal with huge and unique advantages: we maximise funds raised, we protect you from licensing risk, and we’re FREE (see below).

Supporters can donate directly to you or fundraise for you. They can set up their own personal or team fundraising page, and have their friends donate online. 


Stop forking out money for nothing, join the FREE REVOLUTION

We're the fundraising portal that's an Australian Not-For-Profit, and we're backed by philanthropists committed to online fundraising being free. We charge no subscription fee and no commission to small / medium charities (we apply a credit card fee). We'll save your charity thousands of dollars. Our mission is to save charities $ Millions in online fundraising costs.

We think all online fundraising portals should charge minimal or no fees, because we're not kidding ourselves: charities bring the fundraising supporters, which is the hard part. However, this does not stop the for-profit fundraising portals from charging high annual fees and inflated transaction fees, costing charities an absolute arm and a leg. Did you know that Australia's largest fundraising portal is owned by a $3 Billion US listed company, and charges annual fees around $450 and transaction fees around 10%?


We protect you from online fundraising licensing risks

Do you have fundraising licences in every state and territory? If not, then your charity and your Directors are taking a big risk by raising funds online as you are not adequately licensed for online fundraising. Licensing laws are black and white: a fundraising licence is mandatory in every state / territory where donors reside, and with online fundraising donors reside anywhere in Australia. Here are a couple of articles on this: Pitfalls of Online Fundraising by Makinson D'Apice and the Guide to Fundraising by NFPLAW & Justice Connect.

To raise funds online free from risk, you need a fundraising portal that is licensed in every state / territory and raising funds under its own licences. Only our portal does this, solving your online fundraising risk. The other portals simply act as your agent and use your fundraising licence(s), leaving you and your Directors very exposed.


Maximum online fundraising

With online fundraising, your supporters set up individual / team fundraising pages and ask their friends to donate to their fundraiser. This is an essential way to engage and empower your supporters to bring you new donors, new funds and new fundraising supporters.

Online fundraising is the fastest growing fundraising channel, and our platform maximises funds raised by making fundraising fun, user-friendly, highly social, collaborative, and fully mobile.

Only we allow any charity to have their supporters fundraising in events Australia-wide. We’re also the only platform with matching built-in, ensuring the highest possible rate of donations matched by companies.

Let your supporters know their hard-earned fundraising dollars are getting to you, and watch your online fundraisers grow exponentially.


Can we use Givematcher for events associated exclusively with another fundraising portal?

Yes and lots of charities are: see a handful of charities doing this: 1, 23, 4, 5.

For many years, fun-run organisers have been instructing charities and their fundraising supporters to use the expensive fundraising portal they have signed an exclusive deal with. These anti-competitive practices have led the current situation with For-Profit portals charging inflated commissions, and many charities paying high annual fees to multiple portals for no reason. Clearly, such deals make no sense for charities. Choosing a fundraising portal resides squarely with charities, not with event organisers, and you can use the same platform for absolutely everything: eg. for large fun runs / events, for your own campaigns / events, and for your supporters’ personal fundraisers, allowing you to save large costs. Charities are making their choice loud and clear: FREE is the way to go.

Simply ask your supporters to:

1. register for the fun run / event

2. go to your Givematcher page and click on Start Fundraising

3. follow our easy instructions and share options to ask their friends to support them


We're growing really fast. Why?

  • We've changed the game for online fundraising: we're a Not-For-Profit on a mission to take out Millions of dollars in onine fundraising costs.

  • We charge charities no annual fee and no commission

  • We protect charities that are not licensed in every state and territory by raising funds online with our own licences - for the first time every charity can raise funds in fun runs right around Australia

  • We ensure that so much more of your supporters’ hard-earned money gets to your charity

  • We're the only fundraising platform with matching built-in, so your fundraising supporters can choose to have businesses matching their fundraiser, which increases donor contributions.

  • Our platform is designed using the latest Ruby on Rails responsive technology (the technology used by Twitter) to be fully mobile-enabled, collaborative and integrated with social media.


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