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Our state-of-the-art software solutions drive employee / customer engagement and retention, showcase social responsibility and community support, drive sales, and improve brand trust.

We're a leading online fundraising portal used by hundreds of charities. We are an Australian Not-For-Profit ourselves, backed by philanthropists who are committed to online fundraising being free. Our mission is to help charities raise more funds while saving $ Millions in online fundraising costs and to bring businesses an essential vehicle to do well by doing good.

With 95% of people saying that social responsibility is businesses' most important responsibility and that it is basically as important as price, we not only see profits for purpose as the future of doing business, we firmly believe it is the present.






Workplace charity fundraisers


The most effective way for your company to build staff engagement and to stand out as community minded is to promote workplace charity fundraisers. You can either:

  1. organise your own internal charitable fundraiser and encourage staff to participate in teams, or
  2. encourage staff to enter external events like the City2Surf (in teams) and to fundraise for charity

This is much more engaging for your staff, drives staff engagement / retention, and helps attract talent.

Workplace fundraisers are a brilliant way to build team spirit, create playful rivalry, and showcase your company's social responsibility. Your staff are eager to contribute actively to worthy causes.


Simply encourage staff to participate in internal or external fundraising events (eg fun runs). If you wish, you can match donations to their fundraiser up to a budget (only possible on Givematcher). Limits apply, so you have full control over costs, and your company's donations are tax-deductible. You can choose to limit this to one or more charities.

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Engaging customers and driving sales


Gen-Y buyers expect businesses to be visible in supporting the community and are basing their purchasing decisions on this. You know this is not some fad that will go away. So what is your business doing to apeal to community-conscious buyers?  Support one or more charities on Givematcher and you become very visible as a great socially-responsible company.


We were showcased by Deloitte at the 2014 Australian Council For International Development as disruptive technology in this space.








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It takes a lot to put together a CSR strategy and to implement it. The good news is that you don’t need to do this all by yourself.


We have the professional services and the solutions to assist you increase your social impact, drive shared value, support the community in the best way, and showcase your community support.

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Disaster Appeals


When disaster strikes, everyone (businesses, staff and clients) wants to partner together to help. Our platform allows you to help and makes your business visible as proactive in helping.


This takes only minutes to set up. Limits apply, so you have full control over your costs, and these are tax-deductible.




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